Street Diaries

Viviamo nelle città, le città vivono dentro di noi…… il tempo scorre.

Migriamo da una città all’altra, da un paese all’altro. Cambiamo lingua, abitudini, vestiti.

Ci trasformiamo, tutto si trasforma. Velocemente.

About me

I am an entrepreneur, a family man and a passionate photographer.

I was born in 1964 in Pisa, Tuscany. I discovered photography during the summer break after graduating for High School, and it was a dazzling discovery. Over the years I have developed a close and profound rapport with it, ever if it has been a love hate relationship, just like all lave stories. Through photography I have improved my understanding of human nature.

My interest is in common every day life which allows me to explain the wonders of life, that I encounter day by day in my natural surroundings: the road.

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