Tokyo Tsukiji Exhibition

Leica Galerie, Milan 05/10/2018

From 5th October to 10th November 2018, Leica Galerie Milano will host “TOKYO TSUKIJI” at the Leica Store in Milan: an exhibition that documents my journey inside the biggest fish market in the world.

The exhibition, curated by Benedetta Donato and sponsored by the Japanese Institute of Culture in Rome, features 30 photographs and tells the story, picture-by-picture, of one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. This holy shrine of Japanese restaurateurs now risks losing its unique character due to its move to Toyosu, in the East of the city, in view of the 2020 Olympics.

“This collection of photographs is crucial as a testimony to the last moments of the market as we have always known it.” 
Masuo Nishibayashi, Director of the Japanese Institute of Culture in Rome.

Leica Galerie, at the Leica Store Milan.
Via Giuseppe Mengoni, 4 (on the corner of Piazza Duomo)
20121 Milano


Opening event.
October 4th  6.30 pm


Opening times.
Monday to Saturday: 10:30 am – 7:30 pm.
Sunday: closed.
Free entry.