Beyond fish.

Road to another day.

Among the various everyday situations I came across during my days in Tsukiji, one of the most frequent was meals or snacks being consumed on street corners or between the stacked crates. And this is perhaps the most representative image in this regard. A pallet used as a table, a breakfast (or a dinner?) hurriedly consumed at dawn after a whole night of work, with inventory and accounting sheets alongside.


Within the walls of the old market there were no boundaries between public and private spaces: all moments of detachment, like eating and even sleeping, were carved out in the same spaces where a moment before there was frenzy, trading, and the curiosity of tourists. As if to take its place, in a continuous cycle of the fragments of life.


It’s only outside the market that the size of the private sector could regain sense, on the border between a working day almost at the end, and that of daily commitments ready to begin.

There was not only fish at this market: above all, there was life.