Road to the Influencers’ world.

The word itself refers to a popular Internet personality with the ability to influence the behaviors and decisions of a specific group of users, especially potential consumers, and who is used as part of marketing and communication strategies.

Through my lenses, I examined this phenomenon as it relates to the social network Instagram and the world of tourism. The final goal of my work is, as Benedetta Donato quoted, to depict “the key players and their radius of action and interaction with the goal of understanding and describing a series of transformations that have significantly affected the behaviors of today’s new tourists”.

I traveled all over the world while working on this project, discovering the locations of millions of pictures taken by influencers, being there as a spectator of this exploration “backstage” to portray the poses and selfies of the most “Instagrammable” spots.

Nowadays the attractiveness of the place is basically established by a wider group of digital nomads, that with their point of view are now capable of disrupting tourism as we know it

Different places, same alienating feeling of detachment, estrangement.