Online Attitudes.

Road to sharing.

Two scholars were involved in this research, who deepened my investigation with some very interesting thoughts. Alice Vallone is one of my companions for this travel called I Wanna Be An Influencer. With her knowledge and expert eye, we went through some very interesting insights into my book. 

Being an expert in digital ethnography Alice Vallone, thanks to her words, highlighted the relationship with technology, understood as a bridge to establish relationships and a vehicle for immediate communication, in the hope of belonging to a community.

This leads us to a very strong belief, nowadays our social media profiles have become extensions of ourselves. People post snapshots only in order to collect likes, shares, and hearts because this simple action makes us think that people on the other side of the screen approve who we are.

Also, the visual language has adapted during these years, with the evolution of social media platforms. People on social media want to imitate, in order to feel like the Influencers that they so constantly follow, with the mere illusion that maybe taking the same shots, in the very same place will make them more similar, with the same aesthetic and kind of approval.

We are guided by a need for connection and validation in our groups, our families, our workplaces, and our leisure time