Every journey starts with a road to be taken

Road to humanity.

This is a diary of my journey, and it will be with me throughout my travels. A diary in which every photo is a snapshot of a moment in time, a story taken straight out of everyday life.

Whenever I take a photo, thoughts and feelings flow through me continuously, and that’s what this blog will be like: a unique stream of words and images, illustrating life and a need to photograph it, in a series of moments that are never the same, where humanity is the leading figure.

I try to create my photos as something to look at and think about: from workers to tourists, in both villages and cities, I look for moments and events from everyday life, thousands of which flit around us all the time, even when we don’t pay attention to them.

In every post my thoughts will flow around an image. And the story will always start with a “road to”.

To the feelings that, in my eyes, have turned a scene into a subject. To a moment to be entered. To humanity, to be captured in every single shot.

So Bon Voyage to me, and to anyone who would like to join me, maybe even for a few minutes.