Road to tomorrow.
A storeroom, a van, a worker who has yet to complete his loading and unloading work. Taking a breath, waiting, with tired muscles after a hectic night of work.
This could just be a moment like any other, if it weren’t for the fact that it will never be repeated. Tsukiji, in its original form, is already being dismantled. The new premises in Toyosu, modern, functional, aseptic, will have to earn their own soul over time.
This man, with his rubber boots and hachimaki wrapped around his head, as usual, is watching and waiting: there is work still to be finished, the day is waiting for him outside, his life that is about to change, along with the market. Looking at him through the lens, I can understand why I had to take this picture: to immortalise the moment, before it slipped away forever.