Inside my moments

Road to moments.


That’s how my love for photography was born, in a moment during the holidays after high school, when, more out of fascination than curiosity, I held the camera owned by the brother of one of my friends, who is a photographer and I looked through the lens for the first time. Moments.

Knowing how to capture the moment: such as when I went to buy my first camera, a Pentax K1000 SLR. I still own it now. A moment to come into contact, a lifetime to photograph and understand that the road I was taking, would, inevitably, lead me to black and white: because black and white is freedom, interpretation. And that in itself is colour. It’s the power of the message, with no distractions. Moments. One moment is enough because life changes direction. One moment earlier I accept the offer to follow the Red Cross as a photographer in the Gulf War, the next moment I say goodbye to my father, I put my personal choices aside and stay. But I don’t stop taking photographs. Moments. You only need a moment to photograph in the street, my favourite setting.

To “be chosen” by the right camera, the one that makes shooting as natural as breathing, and never want to leave it: that’s how I felt with Leica.

And those are the moments that I photograph, moments in everyday life, of real life, of humanity. Over thirty years of photography are a collection of moments, some lasting the time it takes to capture them in a photo, others stretching over time, becoming new roads to be taken. That’s why I look for moments in the street: because is where we are what we are, where anything or nothing can happen but even that ‘nothing’ is but a reflection of human nature.


The essence of my story, shot after shot.