Lives that intertwine.

Road to greetings.

In May the exhibition dedicated to “Tokyo Tsukiji” at the Edoardo Chiossone Oriental Art Museum of Genoa ended. Between encounters and insights, it was truly a unique experience for me.

There were over 3300 visitors and, through my photographs, it’s as though their stories somehow intertwined with those of the Tsukiji fish market workers represented in the images: the inscriptions left by visitors in the museum’s book of signatures serve as testimony to this.

An image can speak, even without anyone interpreting it for you.

After all those times in which the photos of the great masters spoke to me, this time it was my own photos which spoke to the visitors of the museum: like a mirror to a reality that no longer exists.

All this was possible thanks to Aurora Canepari, Director of the Museum, to Benedetta Donato and to my family, which tirelessly supports me on this journey of exploring human nature.