Meetings and stories.

Road to the events.
It has been an intense month of appointments, meetings, emotions and “first times”.
My first exhibition at the Leica Galerie Milano in the Leica Store Milano.
The first Book Talk with the journalists, to which many others will follow.
The first radio interview with RAI Radio 3, with the talented Oliviero Ponte di Pino.
And then the wonderfully unexpected visit of the #deejay10 runners to the exhibition, the articles in newspapers and magazines, the messages and compliments arrived from Canada, Japan and from my fellow photographers who enriched my work with their readings.


The questions I received in these meetings pleasantly surprised me, making me realize that my work on Tsukiji has definitely gone beyond the borders of Tokyo. Among other things, I was asked if I felt the weight of telling about the market for the last time before the relocation. What I tried to capture with my photos, long before the project of the book was taking shape, it’s the naturalness of the gestures and daily moments of the workers who were animating this sacred place.


In addition to all the people I met in this first part of the journey dedicated to my book, I would like to thank Benedetta, the curator, once again and Leica Camera Italia, who believed in “Tokyo Tsukiji”.
For those who would like to meet me and talk about the book, all the upcoming events are available on my Facebook page.