Nothing to show.

Road to ordinary life.


There is nothing to hide, nothing to show.
In the biggest fish market in the world, at this time of the morning, during the emptying process, it is almost impossible to see the fish. What remains after the chaos of negotiations is inside full white polystyrene boxes, stacked one on top of the other.


There is nothing to hide, nothing to show. Merely ordinary life and ordinary movements. One man rummages in his bag, another takes off his shoe and checks his foot. A worker drives on toward the end of the day, tired but remaining focused.


There is nothing more to see in this market, which has become a tourist attraction, a stereotype of frenetic life. The open spaces, the lights, the shaded corners which make single figures stand out among the mass, multi-tidal compound which has withdrawn to leave room for the slow world of men, the physical expression of their exhaustion, the sense of self-re-appropriation themselves.

I take the photographs, unnoticed, and I simply see real life.