Tokyo to Bologna and back.

Road to a new trip.
The Bologna leg of my presentation tour for “Tokyo Tsukiji” has just come to an end. Paoletti Foto hosted the exhibition in Bologna, having reached the third edition after the ones in Milan and Lucca.


Again I wish to thank all those who attended the opening, visited the exhibition (hundreds of people!) and took part in the project’s talk at the end of the month; where Benedetta Donato and I talked about the origin, references and representing the story of the workers in the market, suspended in time. A time for encounters, meaningful confrontation and engagement.
A special thanks to those who made it possible: to Paoletti Foto for the beautiful exhibition space, to Manuela Paoletti and Laura Borboleta Azul for their reception and organisation, to Benedetta Donato for her work and to my publisher Contrasto.


The book “Tokyo Tsukiji” is becoming a journey within a journey: from taking photos in Japan to talking about it across Italy.

That’s the beauty of travel, just like projects: the end is just another starting point.