Road to new travel photography.
Posing, in front of a monument or in the most famous places of the city. Not to create a memory forever, but to have a photo published on social media. To flaunt more than to share, to show you have fun before you actually do it. The smiles are wide, the poses and outfits perfected. They always take more than one attempt, until the photo comes out exactly the way it should.

It is the evolution of tourism at the time of social media,

a cross-section of the human dimension which it is easy to stumble upon if one knows how to observe. Through the lens I often find myself framing scenes like those of the photos I selected for this post: exuberant mothers are photographed by tired daughters, poses inspired by films, other tourists waiting for their turn to take a probably very similar photo, exactly in the same spot. The image is published immediately to go straightaway to the next. In the background, the motionless beauty of the eternal city that acts as a mere frame for comments and likes, instead of being the protagonist.


Photos are no longer used to describe one’s holiday: new media platforms change people and people change their way of experiencing tourism. This is one of the themes that I am studying in the “Street Diaries” project. Discover more photos from this study on my Instagram profile.