Tsukiji-Photolux Route.

Road to a new me.
Lucca was the second stop on the Italian tour for my exhibition and book presentation events. I was honoured that my work “Tokyo Tsujiki” was included in the Photolux Festival programme. Having my work on show and presenting it in Lucca alongside other authors such as the winners of the previous edition of World Press Photo Contest was an unexpected experience, particularly after having witnessed so many talks from famous photographers as an audience member over the years.


Many people took part in the presentation with whom we could discuss various different aspects of the book. As well as the editor, the Coordinator of Photolux Chiara Ruberti was with us, she knows the project really well and with her help, we were able to describe its origins. Many people there had also visited the exhibition on display near the Palazzo Ducale – seeing the interest provoked by my photos and feeling myself asking deep questions is an aspect of this journey which I haven’t quite got used to.


Photographs are my way of expressing myself, which is why I find it difficult to find the right words to portray such intense emotion.
As always, thank you to those such as Benedetta and the Constrasto staff who work to support me and make all of this possible and who follow me on this journey of constant discovery.